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As a leading integration software for logistics, Prime Penguin bridges your systems and platforms and allows you to manage all logistics functionality in a powerful, user-friendly interface.

Getting started is easy and exceptionally cost effective. The most common eCommerce and inventory management systems are pre-integrated and ready to connect within minutes.

Prime Penguin also allows you to be flexible by adding, removing or changing integrations to meet your needs at any given time.

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eCommerce platforms

The most used eCommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many others are pre-integrated and ready to use with Prime Penguin. Click on the logos to read more about individual integrations.


Diversifying or growing via external marketplaces like Zalando or CDON is easier than ever when using Prime Penguin’s integration platform. These pre-integrated marketplaces are just a few clicks away from interfacing with your existing solutions.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Our plug & play WMS integrations mean Prime Penguin users have easy access to 3PL providers around the world, enabling streamlined international growth opportunities. Click on the logos to read more about the integrations or read more about our 3PL partners for more information about our logistics partnerships.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suites including Visma, Fortnox and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central all have integrations ready to connect to Prime Penguin. Read more about these ERP integrations by clicking on the logos.

Tracking, payment & PIM

Prime Penguin offers out-of-the-box integrations for tracking,  payment & product information management (PIM) systems.

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Custom integrations

These custom integrations are ready and available upon request, and might even be included in your subscription plan. Contact us to learn more.

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Not finding the integration you need?

For customers using any combination of the pre-integrated platforms listed above, getting started with Prime Penguin is essentially a plug-and-play experience. However, we know that many eCommerce companies have specific problems or arrangements that require individual solutions.

Having our expert development team build a custom integration for your business is often the most cost-effective option in such a situation. These services are available at competitive rates to all customers.

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