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With Abicart you get not only an e-commerce platform, but also a partner with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry. Additionally, integrating your Abicart through Prime Penguin opens up for an unmatched flexibility, giving you the option to switch between 3PLs and integrations freely without compromising your tech stack.

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At Abicart, the company takes pride in being among the pioneers of e-commerce platforms in Sweden, having engaged in the development of e-commerce solutions since the 1990s. Possessing extensive expertise and a wealth of experience within the industry, Abicart ensures that it stands as the most cost-effective and feature-laden e-commerce platform available in the Swedish market.

For individuals ranging from start-up e-commerce business owners to established business proprietors seeking to enhance their webshops, Abicart provides tailored solutions to meet their requirements. The company offers a variety of pricing packages and features, encompassing unlimited assortment, an unrestricted number of orders, responsive themes, support for multiple languages and currencies, AI-generated product descriptions, and a host of additional functionalities.

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