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We are Prime Penguin — an award-winning, SaaS scale-up that specializes in eCommerce logistics. Based in the city center of Stockholm and backed by leading industry professionals, we strive to disrupt the industry from the inside out – completely redefining the eCommercial experience for business owners worldwide.

Our story begins in 2015

As co-founders Mikael Johansson and Joakim von Oldenskiöld recognized the need for a seamless link between eCommerce businesses and external 3PL providers, they set out to develop a digital platform that would revolutionize logistical processes worldwide. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by eCommerce businesses when it comes to logistics integration, Prime Penguin has transformed its approach to offer a comprehensive solution for handling complex eCommerce integrations.

Gone are the days of bulky and complex eCommerce logistics that lacked autonomy and control. Our approach empowers business owners with an automated and user-friendly interface, providing real-time data to make informed decisions about their logistics operations. Ad-hoc integrations are now a thing of the past.

So, what exactly does Prime Penguin do?

Integrations. Why? We understand that logistics can be tricky, but we’ve simplified the process. Our platform offers eCommerce businesses a cost-efficient and effortless solution to seamlessly integrate their online stores with warehouses and marketplaces worldwide.

Through our network of pre-integrated logistics partners and industry-leading integration technology, including renowned platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce, the Prime Penguin Platform ensures a smooth flow of commercial data between your sales channels, ERP systems, payment solution and the warehouse management system (WMS) of your choice. All this can be accomplished effortlessly within our digital, cloud-based interface (the record for setup is 10 minutes).

Welcome to the future of eCommerce integration, where Prime Penguin takes the complexity out of logistics and empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape!

Our team

Stina Reutercrona



Lars J. Nilsson



Ajay Kumar

Lead Developer


Adam Brösmark

Head of logistics & partnerships

Max Ericsson

Technical Account Manager

Jenny Fagerström

Head of Marketing

Sumit Khunger

Senior Developer

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As a modern tech company,

we strongly value sustainable

and long-term solutions.

Our operations focus on delivering efficient flows and environmentally viable solutions that aim to minimize our – and our clients’ – carbon footprint in the handling and transporting of commercial trade goods.

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