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Meet the team:


Stina Reutercrona

Chief Executive Officer


Born and raised in the student city of Uppsala, where the ability to party almost trumps academic achievements, or is it just something I convince myself of in hindsight?

As a child, I never really got into any hobbies, and believe me, I tried everything! Nothing compared to hanging out with my friends, pretending to be a pop star, or spying on my older sister and her friends. The same today, minus the pop star dreams and spying. I still try many new things but nowadays I tend to stick with them a bit longer.

Even though I excelled in the natural sciences during high school, I opted for a humanities path and eventually earned a university degree in languages with French as my major. I won’t reveal the reasons why, as they may sound somewhat unserious. It’s safe to say there are faster and slower routes, but everything is repairable.

The road to Prime Penguin

Can you share a challenging experience that taught you valuable lessons and perhaps shaped your approach to your work?

It’s tough to choose; I learn something new every day. However, when I worked at the airline SAS many years ago, I could find myself dealing with a death on board an aircraft one moment and then facing someone who was furious about not getting a free upgrade shortly thereafter. Emotions need to be managed, regardless of their apparent relevance.

Looking back, what would you consider as some of the highlights or milestones in your career?

Hmm, here I would probably change “what” to “who.” I absolutely believe that there are certain people I’ve worked with who have impressed and inspired me, who give me energy and make me perform better. I try to keep them not too far away.

Looking ahead

What does a typical day in your current role look like, and how do you navigate the various responsibilities that come with it?

The biggest advantage of my role is that it can encompass such an incredibly wide range of tasks. But now I don’t have time to answer any more questions; I need to repair the printer.

What are your aspirations for the future, both professionally and personally? Are there specific goals or projects that you’re excited about?

If Prime Penguin could make the word “logistics” carry a positive connotation that brings to mind something that is easy and simple. I have also challenged my nephew to master the gorilla crunch.


Thank you for sharing Stina! 🐧

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