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Meet The team: Lars J. Nilsson

Chief Technology Officer


Born in Arboga in 1974, Lars embarked on a fascinating journey that took him from a career in music to the world of tech, ultimately leading him to join Prime Penguin. His story is a testament to the power of passion, adaptability, and embracing new opportunities.

Lars’s journey began when he left home at the age of 16. His passion for music led him to study it for eight years. Yet, he had another interest that simmered alongside his musical pursuits – programming. While his heart sang with music, his mind was quietly drawn to technology.

After dedicating a few years to being a professional musician, including singing for the Gothenburg opera on a full-time basis, Lars realized that a career in music might not be his lifelong calling. It was at this point that he decided to explore the world of programming. With a leap of faith, he emailed London recruiters in pursuit of a tech career. Soon, he found himself in London, was handed a laptop at Arthur Anderson’s City of London Office, and started his journey in the tech industry.

The path to Prime Penguin

In London, Lars realized he needed to up his game, there was more to being a good programmer than simply writing code. Eager to learn and grow, he moved to a startup in Birmingham, even though he had never been there before. This bold decision marked the beginning of two fruitful years of professional development.

Returning to Sweden, he transitioned to the gambling industry as a developer, where he was one of the founders of Cubeia AB, a software and service provider in the industry. Here’s where he first got to know our CEO Stina, although it would take a few years before they worked closely together for the first time.  Lars was employee number one, or founder – depending on which day you asked, and CTO at the fintech company Red Flag AB specializing in automated bookkeeping and banking for small businesses. After Red Flag was acquired by Bokio in 2020 Lars spent a few years as a programmer again before joining Stina at Prime Penguin. 

Lars’s initial impression of Prime Penguin’s product was pragmatic. It worked, and in a startup environment, where the risk of failure is high, that is an achievement in itself. Today, he and our dedicated team at Prime Penguin take immense pride in our creation. What began as a simple product has evolved into a dynamic team-driven company striving for excellence in global logistics solutions. A typical day for Lars involves a great deal of communication, both with customers and the development team. He longs for more time to program and build, but the current focus is on working closely across departments to facilitate global growth. It’s all hands on deck, resolving customer queries one at a time.

Looking ahead

In his free time, Lars indulges in hobbies like photography, beer brewing, singing, and maintaining his countryside retreat. This balance between his career and personal life allows him to enjoy the best of both worlds. When asked about his plans for the future, Lars emphasizes his inclination to take each day as it comes. He believes in seizing opportunities that bring joy and fulfillment. For him, the key is not to look too far ahead, as the beauty of the journey lies in the present.

Lars’s story is a testament to the power of passion and adaptability, illustrating how one can transition from one passion to another with enthusiasm and dedication. From music to tech, he continues to shape the future of logistics at Prime Penguin, driven by a passion for innovation.