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Meet the team:


Sumit Khunger

Senior Developer

We are happy to introduce Sumit Khunger – our Senior Developer at Prime Penguin that has been with the company since the very beginning! 🐧


Hailing from the vibrant region of Punjab in North India, Sumit has always been driven by a passion for creativity and technology. After completing high school, he pursued a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Computer Science. This educational journey included an internship in computer science, which confirmed his desire to become a developer. His career began with roles at two different companies, where he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the tech industry.

In his personal life, Sumit values routine and self-improvement. He starts his day early with yoga, goes for walks, and engages in activities like playing racing games to keep his mind sharp. This blend of physical activity and mental stimulation ensures he remains at the top of his game, both personally and professionally.

The road to Prime Penguin

The decision to leave his previous company was driven by a misalignment in priorities. He sought a position that offered more flexibility and the chance to work on product-based initiatives. An interview with Prime Penguin solidified his decision, and he quickly became an integral part of the company.

On June 1st, 2019, Sumit joined Prime Penguin, bringing his expertise and innovative mindset to the team. Initially, the platform offered three integrations. Through his dedicated efforts and creative ideas, he has played a huge role in expanding this number to an impressive 25 integrations, with many more in the pipeline. His contributions have been pivotal in enhancing the platform’s capabilities, making it more robust and versatile.

Sumit’s journey at Prime Penguin has also included international collaboration. Just six months into his role, he made his first official trip to Sweden to meet with the team. This experience, which he has since repeated three times, has been enriching both professionally and personally. He appreciates the opportunity to connect with colleagues and immerse himself in a different culture.

When I first joined Prime Penguin, it was still in its initial stage. As a result, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness and be a part of the company’s growth and development over the past four years. It’s been inspiring to see how the company has evolved and expanded, and I’m proud to have played a key role in its success.”

Looking ahead

As he looks to the future, Sumit remains committed to challenging himself and continuing his professional growth. He aspires to remain with Prime Penguin, contributing to its ongoing success. Sumit’s vision includes living closer to nature, surrounded by greenery, and enjoying the flexibility of working remotely.

With Sumit’s love for the outdoors and a strong desire for a balanced lifestyle, he envisions a future where he can blend his professional ambitions with his personal passions. Whether it’s developing new integrations, proposing innovative features, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature, he is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. His dedication to staying current in the ever-evolving tech landscape ensures that he will continue to be a valuable asset to Prime Penguin and a leader in his field.

Thank you for being a part of the team Sumit! 🐧