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A single touchpoint for warehousing and fulfillment. Prime Penguin’s integration platform lets retailers centralize all inventory and logistics operations into a single, user-friendly interface. It seamlessly integrates with existing platforms and partners, while effortlessly adapting as business and market conditions change.

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Composable eCommerce logistics

The core functionality of our logistics module is to seamlessly connect with all your current (and future) platforms and logistics partners. This lets you:

Effortlessly oversee inventory and fulfillment options in one streamlined, user-friendly hub, elevating your control and operational prowess significantly.

Stay flexible in an ever-changing market environment, as Prime Penguin does not lock you down to specific platforms or individual 3PL providers.

Revel in a budget-friendly pricing model and drastically reduce in-house development costs tied to service integrations. Experience the seamless future of logistics, tailored for your success.

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Trusted by 200+ brands worldwide:


“With Prime Penguin, the integration to our e-commerce platform was pre-built. Thus, we didn’t have to focus on integration or technical maintenance.

Additionally, we were offered the opportunity of working with several warehouse partners in multiple countries, which eliminated risky co-dependency and allowed us to fully focus on international growth.”

– Alan Aygun, Co-founder of Estrid


“When we took the decision of having order fulfillment and inventory in the United States, Prime Penguin not only helped us find the right 3PL partner but also set up order routing between our new US based warehouse and our European warehouse. We now have full control of our logistics without having to use multiple WMS systems, and can solely focus on our international growth.”

– Peder Gulliksson, E-commerce Manager


“Thanks to Prime Penguin, we can find and work efficiently with several warehouse partners around the world, and thus minimize both transport distances and the environmental impact of our supply chain. ”

– Thomas Dalebring, co-founder & CDO at Petgood

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