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Prime Penguin for your eshop - explained in 90 seconds
Our Story

We are an award-winning e-commerce logistics and prop-tech venture backed by tech investors and industry professionals

Our Vision

Our vision is to digitize and enable the world’s best logistics, for your e-commerce, near where your clients are located


Our cloud-based platform is built on the latest technologies and outsources, digitize and controls all your e-commerce logistics


Our 3PL partners offer more than 100,000 m² warehousing area, with high operational accuracy, at key markets globally

How it works

Plug and play

Prime Penguin has it all covered. Through a plug and play connection, our platform gives you quick access and total digital control over your e-commerce logistics.

Prime Penguin is preset to the major e-commerce platforms (with omnichannel support) for a quick and smooth plug and play connection with your e-shop.

Once connected, you easily connect your e-shop to the best warehouses and logistics options available.


Prime Penguin brings control to all your warehouse activities and follows up every single order to fulfillment. All from your favorite device.

The smartness and automation of Prime Penguin allow you to focus on your e-shop, sales, and clients instead of manual logistics management.


Does your e-shop have clients abroad? Prime Penguin will let you partner up with professional international logistics providers, as easy as to domestic.

You will find, connect and control all your logistics through your optimized digital interface.

The Prime Penguin platform will be your logistic standard and enables your e-shop to control and access warehouses where your clients are located.

Get started


Procure your e-shops logistics need in two minutes and receive price quotes from relevant 3PL-partners. All pre-integrated with Prime Penguin.


Connect your e-shop to our award-winning platform. Choose a partner(s), sign with, and send your goods to your new warehouse.


You now have your warehouse in your pocket and will follow all your warehouse activities in real time from your favorite device.

Best Logistics Solution

E-commerce Germany Awards 2019

Procure your entire logistics in two minutes

Get offers from connected 3PL-partners to handle all your logistics

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"Prime Penguin brings
outstanding overview and control"

Valentin Berg - Founder, Gardenstore

"It feels safe to hand over all our logistics to Prime Penguin. Their solution is exactly what we need”

Faye Flensburg - Founder, Lace Laboratory
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