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Securing a smooth start in competitive markets with Prime Penguin

Swedish golf apparel brand Macade turned to Prime Penguin to find logistics partners in the United States and connect them to its eCommerce platform.

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Founded in 2019 by experienced sportswear designers and avid golfers, Macade has built success in its industry by pushing the boundaries of traditional golf apparel.

Right from the start, Macade was looking to establish itself on the US market but needed assistance in finding reliable 3PL partners that could secure its long-term growth prospects.

As the company also ships orders from its offices in Sweden, a solution to split incoming orders by warehouse location and inventory availability would also be necessary.


Prime Penguin helped Macade find the most suitable 3PL services in the United States and set up new locations in the company’s Shopify CMS.

To enable proper order routing, three rules were created according to Macade’s specifications: one to set its US warehouse having the highest priority, a second to enable orders from Scandinavia, and a third to split orders between warehouses on an as-needed basis.

All of it was connected via the Prime Penguin logistics module for automatic routing.


Macade is now working with the US-based logistics partner Airyze and is set to keep growing in the United States and beyond. All orders are routed correctly via Prime Penguin, which has also proven to be a highly cost-effective solution compared to all potential alternatives.

“When we took the decision of having order fulfillment and inventory in the United States, Prime Penguin not only helped us find the right 3PL partner but also set up order routing between our new US based warehouse and our European warehouse. We now have full control of our logistics without having to use multiple WMS systems, and can solely focus on our international growth.” – Peder Gulliksson, E-commerce Manager

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