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How Bered transformed crisis preparedness into rapid eCommerce success with Prime Penguin

Discover how Bered’s partnership with Prime Penguin enabled them to navigate rapid growth while staying true to their mission of shaping a brighter future.

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Bered is a Swedish company founded in 2020 that specializes in crisis preparedness. Each product is carefully selected by experts and tested to ensure that we can live as normally as possible despite unexpected events, such as a prolonged power outage. The products are created with MSB’s recommendations in mind, in line with the fact that every citizen needs to be equipped to cope independently for up to a week without help from authorities. A positive investment for security, so we can focus on shaping a brighter future based on humanity. As obvious as a fire extinguisher or insurance, quite simply. 

After two years as a business, Bered decided to outsource their logistics and was looking for a 3PL that could accommodate their specific needs (gas products). They did a procurement through the Prime Penguin platform and found their new logistics partner shortly thereafter. After Prime Penguin integrated Bered’s Shopify and the 3PLs Ongoing through plug & play, they were ready for rapid growth.


Due to changed circumstances, Bered was looking to move to a new 3PL provider and contacted Prime Penguin for recommendations. Adam (Head of Logistics) was able to connect Bered to another 3PL in the Prime Penguins network that could handle gas products, and the technical migration was completed within one week from first contact. 

A few days after the migration, the Swedish government and the commander in chief of the Swedish army publicly recommended that the population should be prepared for war. Bered, being a provider of crisis preparedness, saw their sales skyrocket overnight and reached their estimated number of sales for 2024 in only a few weeks.


With the ever-changing landscape of eCommerce, the ability to stay flexible is crucial.The fast procurement of a new 3PL, moving of their stock, and integration of their eCommerce was only possible through Prime Penguins network and technical capabilities. By leveraging Prime Penguin as their eCommerce logistics solution, they were not only prepared for a sudden change in 3PL provider but also for unpredictable and rapid growth. All while staying true to their purpose – shaping a brighter future based on humanity.

“Prime Penguins dedication to great customer service has proven invaluable for a smooth scaling-processes and easy implementation of sustainable collaboration with warehouses.”

– Filip Waak, Founder at Bered

Read more about Bered here.

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