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Förlagssystem opens their door to successful eCommerce with Prime Penguin

Förlagssystem, one of the country’s leading comprehensive suppliers of efficient logistics solutions in the book and publisher industry, partnered with Prime Penguin to offer plug & play integrations between their warehouse and their customers’ sales channels. 

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Since its inception in 1989, Förlagssystem has become a central player in the Swedish book industry. By being the link between sellers and buyers, they have developed and simplified both administration and supply of goods, and offer efficient logistics solutions for the book industry’s various actors.

Their clients are publishers, book clubs, internet booksellers and bookstore chains who all benefit from their services and from being gathered in one facility. Förlagsystem is also alone in being able to offer the industry a really wide range of products where most Swedish books as well as the most popular foreign books are in stock, available to registered retailers.

With the digital development, they saw how more and more of their customers started to open their own online shops, which meant that they were faced with two choices. The first was building their own integrations, maintaining them and possibly having to deny some customers in cases where an integration was not possible. The other option was to find a partner who could build their integrations in a more stable and automated way, thus being able to focus on their core business.


Förlagssystem was introduced to Prime Penguin in connection with the opening of Proflog, a business area within Förlagssystem that focuses primarily on e-commerce outside the book industry. They immediately saw the benefits of connecting their system to a pre-integrated library of sales channels, and therefore Prime Penguin and Förlagssystem entered into a partnership in the spring of 2021. Förlagssystem chose to integrate to Prime Penguins open API, and almost three years later, new customers are continuously being onboarded.


By integrating their system with Prime Penguin’s plug & play solution, their customers, regardless of sales platform, can send their order data directly to Förlagssystem without having to spend money and time on hiring developers. Creating a data flow between new online shops and their warehouse takes less than an hour, which means that Förlagssystem can offer its customers a seamless path towards digitization and own sales without counterclaims.


Many publishers and authors want to start their own eCommerce store today, but worry about complicated processes and high costs of integration development. They are therefore incredibly relieved when we share our solution together with Prime Penguin. This not only gives us added value as a logistics partner, but also opens the door for more publishers to become more independent in their sales. Win-win-win! 

– Claes-Håkan Johansson, Marketing Manager at Förlagssystem

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