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Personalized API that seamlessly connects between their ERP system and their 3PL.

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IDA WARG Beauty is a Swedish beauty brand that focuses on modern and high-quality products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made in Scandinavia. They have a large segment of self-tanning products, hair products, skincare, makeup, and body products, and are hugely popular in the Nordics.

When IDA WARG Beauty contacted Prime Penguin they were dealing with an issue revolving around their ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and its ability to effectively send FTP-orders to their 3PL for fulfillment. IDA WARG Beauty wanted to find a solution to this problem that was both cost-effective and time efficient.


That is why IDA WARG Beauty signed up with Prime Penguin. Prime Penguin built a personalized API from scratch that continuously collects the data from IDA WARG Beautys ERP, SAP, and changes the FTP orders to a format readable to the 3PL. This tool puts Prime Penguin in between the order system and the warehouse, working as an API connector and making sure all orders are communicated, processed, and reported seamlessly. The work was also done in a very short time due to the fact that Prime Penguin had a pre-built integration with IDA WARG Beautys 3PL, allowing IDA WARG Beauty to solely focus on growing their business.


Through Prime Penguin, IDA WARG Beauty was able to save a lot of money on building complex integrations that otherwise would have affected their growth. They now have a seamless connection between their ERP system and their 3PL, assuring both higher customer satisfaction and automated logistic operations. 


“When we started our e-commerce journey roughly 2 years ago, we opted to contact Prime Penguin based on a trusted recommendation. Our objective was to integrate our ERP system SAP with our 3PL solution, and Prime Penguin’s composable eCommerce logistics offering perfectly fit the bill. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Prime Penguin.”

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