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Pure Pooch

Achieving barking success for the environment

Pure Pooch chose Prime Penguin to help with the integration and outsourcing of their fulfillment process in a way that remains authentic to their brand values.

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Pure Pooch, a new player in the pet industry, offers high-quality shampoos with safe ingredients that are certified organic and made with the environment in mind. Pure Pooch wants to bring about a change in the industry and protect pets from harmful ingredients.

As a small-scale start-up business, Pure Pooch faced the challenge of managing logistics effectively. The company was in search of a reliable and affordable third-party logistics (3PL) solution that could help manage its fulfillment process while remaining authentic to its brand values. After looking around for options, the company chose Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform for its unique technology, which offered a 3PL solution perfectly adapted for dog products of all kinds.


Pure Pooch has outsourced all its logistical activities to a Swedish 3PL through Prime Penguin’s platform, which ensures that the fulfillment process runs smoothly, keeping customers happy and the supply chain as sustainable as possible. The platform is pre-connected to and integrated with a range of carefully chosen 3PL partners and major E-commerce platforms, giving Pure Pooch full access to all logistical activities as they occur. This allows the company to monitor the proceedings from any device at any time, making sure that all steps along the way are accounted for.


“We went through several integration companies, but Prime Penguin stood out by providing a simplistic solution to a complex problem. Their integration is simply unmatched and so is their service.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO


Pure Pooch’s partnership with Prime Penguin has enabled the company to focus on its core mission of offering high-quality pet products made with safe, organic ingredients. The collaboration has resulted in effortless logistics and happy pooches all over Europe. 


“Having a company like Prime Penguin by our side is a crucial part of our business as we have no knowledge of the complex world of logistics. Without their integration, the shipping part of the business would be a big load to carry, something we don’t have the strength to do with all the other tasks that need to be done.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO

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