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Seamless global expansion with reduced transport distances and minimized environmental impact

Petgood was founded in Sweden, retailing across the EU, and now proudly available in Australia. Petgood is actively working towards a more transparent and sustainable pet world where pets can eat nutritious food without burdening the planet’s resources. This is their success story.

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The partnership between Petgood and Prime Penguin started back in 2020 when Petgood realized that they needed to be able to connect their online stores with warehouses and marketplaces worldwide to stay true to their values and brand. One prominent goal was to reduce transport-related emissions and minimize the environmental impact of their supply chain, which is why they chose Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform. It offers a dynamic dashboard from which Petgood can orchestrate its logistics with a 24/7 overview of its operations.

With the technical framework and integration to their Nordic warehouse in place, they were now ready for global expansion, starting with Australia. The last piece of the puzzle was finding a fulfillment partner that understood its values, was tied to local carriers, and could integrate to the Prime Penguin platform.


Prime Penguin recommended ShipBob due to their global presence, easy onboarding, attentive team, and advanced technology. The strong partnership between ShipBob and Prime Penguin allows for a quick and seamless assessment, connection, and implementation while opening doors to further expansion through ShipBob’s many fulfillment center locations worldwide.

By using Prime Penguin as an integration platform and 3PL matchmaker, Petgood was able to connect their Australian sales channel to ShipBob with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the time between first contact to onboarding and orders being fulfilled through ShipBob’s Australian fulfillment center was less than 6 weeks. Petgood now has full visibility into their  logistic operations, with data flowing in real-time from multiple locations worldwide into one single platform.


Petgood showed its excellence by strategically building on its expansion from the ground up, securing a solid supply chain and tech stack before launch. With Prime Penguin and ShipBob as their partners, Petgood has been able to reduce transport distances and minimize the environmental impact of their supply chain—all while staying flexible with the ability to add, remove, or change locations as they grow.

Visit Petgood to learn more about their products, values, and overall expertise in sustainable pet food.

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact and enforce sustainable logistics for your eCommerce business, get in touch with us today. We are happy to explore your possibilities with us and ShipBob.