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Facilitating Nordic expansion with Prime Penguin

Hempo partnered with Prime Penguin to build a solid logistics operation ahead of their expansion to the Nordic countries, saving them from the headaches of procurement, integration, and implementation.


Since its establishment in 2019, Hempo has been a pioneer in making CBD oil accessible across Europe. The company’s founders recognized the potential of CBD oil to improve wellness and set out to ensure top-notch quality through meticulous production standards. They chose Switzerland as their base due to its ideal conditions for hemp cultivation and commitment to natural integrity. Today, Hempo’s high-quality products are available in many European countries, with plans for further expansion.

Wanting to expand their eCommerce presence from Lithuania to Finland and Sweden, Hempo faced logistical challenges. They needed to figure out how to manage multiple warehouses and enter new markets while keeping costs down. Plus, integrating their existing Shopify stores across different regions and coordinating offline locations added to the complexity.


To simplify their expansion, Hempo partnered with Prime Penguin. Prime Penguin helped gather price quotes and introduced our long time partner and trusted 3PL-provider Expresspack, offering affordable shipping to Finland. By consolidating their operations into one warehouse, Hempo managed to save money and at the same time enhance service level for end customers.

Prime Penguin also made sure all of Hempo’s Shopify stores were seamlessly integrated with Expresspack’s Warehouse Management System for efficient order processing and inventory management. To further automate Hempo’s logistics operations, Prime Penguin added order routing across multiple locations, streamlining what happens across all sales and fulfillment channels.


As Hempo continues to grow in the Nordic region, Prime Penguin stands by them, offering solutions for future warehouse additions at no extra cost. Hempo are also provided ongoing technical support to ensure smooth operations.

Hempo has now successfully expanded into the Nordic market, overcoming logistical challenges and maintaining cost-effectiveness. With Prime Penguin’s support, Hempo confidently navigates the Nordic landscape, staying flexible and supported every step of the way. 

“Hempo CBD has revolutionized wellness for thousands across Scandinavia, and our partnership with Prime Penguin has been a cornerstone of our success. Their reliable logistics ensure that every customer experiences the best of what we offer.”

Tadas Bieliauskas, CEO at Hempo

The partnership between Prime Penguin and Hempo not only demonstrates how collaboration can drive efficiency and success in expanding into new markets, but also the potential for a continuous successful cross border business when seeking local expertise.

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