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Shopify is considered the market leader within eCommerce platforms due to its powerful user experience. Moreover, it is the most popular eCommerce platform hosting over 1 500 000 active stores worldwide.

By integrating Prime Penguin through Shopify’s app store, you get access to a powerful logistics tool that gathers all your eCommerce data in one platform, streamlined from any number of systems.

With Prime Penguin you can map orders from multiple sales channels to several different WMS systems or marketplaces. You also get access to a global network of pre-connected 3PLs – ready to help you in your expansion. Click, connect, grow!

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Integrate Shopify to any number of WMSs, ERPs and marketplaces with Prime Penguin

Shopify’s offer includes various templates for your online store, integrated payment processing, tools for checkout conversion, and for selling in multiple places both online and offline. Shopify also offers SEO and marketing tools as part of its core product.

In addition, Shopify provides the opportunity for online businesses to improve customer relationships and gain long-term buyers. This happens through different features such as marketing insights and analytics through Shopify’s reported data and its broad market which reaches out to customers around the world. Read more about Shopify here.

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Macade – Securing a smooth start in competitive markets

Prime Penguin helped Macade find the most suitable 3PL services in the United States and set up new locations in the company’s Shopify CMS.

To enable proper order routing, three rules were created according to Macade’s specifications: one to set its US warehouse having the highest priority, a second to enable orders from Scandinavia, and a third to split orders between warehouses on an as-needed basis.

All of it was connected via the Prime Penguin logistics module for automatic routing. Read more here.

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