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How to manage multiple warehouses with less effort

GLAS, a Scandinavian lifestyle brand specializing in high-quality reading glasses, partnered with Prime Penguin to improve inventory management across multiple logistics partners.

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Established in 2018, GLAS has reinvented eyewear by combining Scandinavian simplicity with a bold fashion focus.

As is often the case with growing eCommerce brands, however, the business eventually ran into issues with its logistics operations.

A platform that could not properly handle combined inventory levels from multiple fulfillment partners necessitated migrating to a more suitable solution. 


As GLAS was already using Prime Penguin as an interface between its present platforms and 3PL fulfillment partners, the company also reached out regarding the Centra eCommerce platform integration.

Since both the existing solution and Centra were already pre-integrated into the Prime Penguin logistics module, this was a smooth process.

“GLAS is thrilled to have partnered with Prime Penguin, whose integration platform has revolutionized how we operate our e-commerce. With seamless integration and reliable maintenance, Prime Penguin has empowered us to focus on what we do best – growing our business. We are proud to be powered by the best-in-breed technology and look forward to a continued partnership with Prime Penguin.” – Timmy, GLAS Scandinavia AB, Head of Operations & Logistics


Centra is now communicating effortlessly and as intended with multiple warehouses via Prime Penguin. The flexibility of Prime Penguin’s platform enabled GLAS to quickly get started with its new solution with comparatively little effort – and without the need for costly in-house development.

“The real value of Prime Penguin is being a partner in all stages of our growth. We have received technical support and practical know-how from them and their 3PL partners in the new set-up. Adding and connecting new warehouses and synchronizing all activity to one single system will be a key factor in our expansion.” – Markus Johansson, COO at GLAS Scandinavia

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