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Norlii – Utilizing dual sales channels cost-effectively

Norlii, a successful Scandinavian design subscription service, was spending too much time managing different platforms and contacted Prime Penguin for help with automating the workflow.

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Shopping for Scandinavian interior design items has never been easier than with Norlii, which offers high-quality curated items in the mail as part of a subscription service. However, managing subscriptions and orders has not always been hassle-free for the team.

Norlii works in parallel with the two sales channels Subbly and WooCommerce for subscriptions and single orders, respectively. Unfortunately, the company’s 3PL partner did not have a Subbly integration, which resulted in additional manual work with order files. An integration was needed to automate the process.

In addition, Norlii discovered that Subbly did not support the HS and CCO customs codes for international shipping, meaning that the warehouse was unable to scan orders.


Prime Penguin could resolve both issues by connecting the WooCommerce and Subbly channels in the logistics platform, while fetching and forwarding the required customs codes from WooCommerce.


Today, Norlii uses Prime Penguin’s cost-effective Subbly integration and saves a great deal of time by not having to deal with customs codes or order files manually. The company is also well-positioned for growth, since the Prime Penguin integration will work seamlessly with an additional 25 warehouses around the globe.