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How Prime Penguin empowered IFL Watches’ international expansion

IFL Watches’ creative vision soared with wearable artistry, while Prime Penguin’s partnership streamlined global logistics through Brand Factory (3PL). Freed from logistics, IFL Watches focused on design and innovation, turning their brand into a movement.

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2019: A new era in horology dawns in a Stockholm suburb. Founded by watch enthusiasts, IFL Watches burst forth, seeking to challenge the “vanilla side” of life. Rather than just tick with the norm, this passionate team aimed to make every tick a statement. Merging world-class materials and masterful craftsmanship, IFL Watches transcended the ordinary—it became wearable art.

In an age where watch design often settled into the predictable, IFLW’s audacity stood out. Their commitment to customization was unparalleled, enriched by hand-painted artistry and a playful spirit echoing in each creation. And as their innovative journey expanded, so did their repertoire—watch stands, art collaborations, and more. But with global aspirations, there was a ticking need: a dependable logistics partner.


 In a remarkably short span of just a few weeks, Prime Penguin expertly connected IFL with Brand Factory, a seasoned 3PL partner in Stockholm. Tuning in to IFL’s distinct needs, Brand Factory swiftly implemented advanced security measures, ensuring that IFL’s distinguished products were in the hands of their global clientele without delay.

“Why Prime Penguin? The rationale is straightforward – they are our passport to effortless global outreach. Our vision was to proliferate without traditional impediments, and Prime Penguin was the cornerstone in achieving that. Our alliance was forged early, underpinning a hassle-free expansion phase.” – Mustafa Galali, Customer Relations Manager


IFL Watches today isn’t just a brand—it’s a movement. With logistics confidently in Prime Penguin’s hands, IFL Watches zooms 110% into design, innovation, and storytelling. Mustafa reflects,

“This partnership doesn’t just speed up delivery—it boosts trust. We’re strategically poised, ever ready for the next chapter, the next wrist.”

In the grand clockwork of horology, the partnership between IFL Watches and Prime Penguin stands as a testament to what’s possible when daring design meets flawless functionality.

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