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Improving operational efficiency at lower cost.

Instead of a complex internal development process, subscription-based shaving brand Estrid opted for Prime Penguin to streamline communication between its eCommerce platform and 3PL partner.

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Combining instantly identifiable, pastel-colored razors with consciously selected materials and a subscription system has enabled eCommerce superstar Estrid to rapidly expand into 14 markets. All in less than four years.

As a rapidly growing brand, Estrid understood early on that a scalable logistics management solution would be necessary for their expansion plans. Along the way, the company faced issues with its subscription platform Chargebee lacking SKU and barcode support, which made communication with the third-party logistics partner Mainfreight very difficult.

Having to both build and maintain the integration between their online store and their warehouse management system (WMS) turned out to be incredibly time-consuming and unnecessarily costly.


Prime Penguin helped Estrid resolve its SKU and barcode difficulties by adding custom fields for these properties in Chargebee. As a result, the Prime Penguin module was able to match product IDs with the correct SKUs in Mainfreight’s inventory, enabling the 3PL provider to keep correct track of inventory for picking and packing.


“With Prime Penguin, the integration to our e-commerce platform was pre-built. Thus,  we didn’t have to focus on integration or technical maintenance. Additionally, we were offered the opportunity of working with several warehouse partners in multiple countries, which eliminated risky co-dependency and allowed us to fully focus on international growth.” – Alan Aygun, Co-founder of Estrid


Estrid’s Chargebee subscription platform now communicates seamlessly with Mainfreight’s warehouses in both the UK and mainland EU via Prime Penguin, with minimal overhead.

This has significantly improved operational efficiency, while eliminating the need for developing and maintaining a proprietary solution.

And perhaps as importantly, it has also effectively removed Estrid’s dependency on any individual platform as the brand continues to grow across Europe and beyond.

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