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Meet the team:


Max Ericsson

Technical Account Manager

We are thrilled to announce that Max Ericsson has recently joined Prime Penguin as our new Technical Account Manager! Let’s get to know him a little bit better, shall we?


Max hails from Stockholm, growing up in Solna and later calling Kungsholmen home for a decade. Today, he resides in Enebyberg, just a stone’s throw away from our CEO Stina. The move to Enebyberg was a family decision, with Max’s wife’s roots there and their children attending the same daycare she did. The sense of safety and homeliness in Enebyberg is something they cherish, and having the in-laws close by is an added bonus!

Max’s high school experience was unique—he attended a school tailored for skaters, blending in natural science studies. With a passion for building things from scratch, especially businesses, he pursued engineering at KTH, inspired by his grandfather. However, reflecting on his academic choices, Max envisions that industrial economics might have been a better fit for his ambitions. It is never too late!

His path to Prime Penguin

Post-graduation, Max embarked on a journey that included consulting for various companies, with a significant stint at Scania. A detour to Canada to work at a ski resort added excitement but also made him realize the importance of being close to his now-wife. Back in Sweden, Max delved into entrepreneurship, founding Terrawatt, which was eventually acquired by a company specializing in electric car charging stations. Another acquisition by Chargenode thrust Max into a massive team of over 100 people, offering financial security but prompting a search for new opportunities.

Max’s journey led him to Prime Penguin after connecting with Stina on LinkedIn. Now serving as a Technical Account Manager, he brings a wealth of experience from both eCommerce and internal logistics, having been married to an e-tailer in rapid growth and building a supply chain for his B2B company.

Looking ahead

When asked about his future, Max adopts a day-by-day approach. In 5 years, he envisions Prime Penguin as a highly profitable company, offering hundreds of integrations to become the largest integration library globally. Max is determined to help companies realize the benefits of our solution and aims to find the perfect formula for SaaS sales, leveraging his technical understanding gained from his diverse experiences.

Welcome to the team, Max! 🐧

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