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Meet the team:


Front-end developer

We’re excited to introduce you to Foad, our new front-end developer and web designer who will give our platform users an even better user experience!


Born in Iran and moved to Sweden at the tender age of 2, Foad grew up in Ekerö, just outside Stockholm, alongside his parents and younger sister. While part of his family resides in Malmö today, Foad takes every opportunity to visit them and reconnect with his roots.

Straight out of high school, Foad dove into math, chemistry, and physics at KTH with aspirations of becoming an engineer. However, a pivot halfway through led him to discover what he really wanted to do – web development! To spice things up, he applied for jobs before he even graduated (against the advice of his peers), and was hired by a large media publishing company as a full-stack developer to kick off his career. 

His road to Prime Penguin

The decision to prioritize kick-starting his career over an engineering degree proved to be a good call, and (thankfully) possible in his chosen sector. In web development, your experience often speaks louder than any degree, and he has not regretted his decision even once. 

His second role was as a front-end developer at a company very similar to Prime Penguin in both size and vibe. It almost feels nostalgic! He prefers to work for smaller companies where he can see the change he makes, and is encouraged to be creative.

Exploring remote work, Foad journeyed to Thailand, immersing himself in new experiences. Although tempted by exotic destinations, Foad stayed focused on his career, and returned to Sweden and joined Prime Penguin as a front-end developer, ready to make an impact from day one.

Looking ahead

At Prime Penguin, Foad envisions a path of continual growth and learning, expanding his skill set to encompass both backend and frontend development to enhance the Prime Penguin platform.

“Technology itself is no longer my only happy place. My main goal is now to create value and to work with great people. I got hired as a front-end developer at Prime Penguin in the beginning of March, and I already feel like I have made a difference.”

With aspirations of one day leading a team of developers to drive even greater value for users, Foad’s dedication to creating impactful solutions shines through. Outside of work, Foad looks forward to embracing new adventures, starting a family, and exploring the world.

Welcome to the team Foad! 🐧