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TexTalk is a world leader in media solutions for the blind, visually impaired and other people with special accessibility needs. They serve Sweden’s newspaper industry with system solutions for extraction, archiving and return.
Additionally, they develop publishing tools with a focus on content, e-magazines, web and apps.

With Prime Penguin’s integration, you can integrate with TexTalk within minutes through plug-and-play. Furthermore, you get access to a powerful platform for managing all logistics activities in a user-friendly interface.

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Initially, TexTalk started in the 1970s with their innovation in digital information technology in terms of media solutions for people who are blind, have poor vision, or have other special needs for accessibility.

The platform has now expanded and thus also includes eCommerce, the web, applications, and e-newspapers. Textalk developed publication tools that publish and maintain websites, home pages, and online newspapers. Throughout the years, the platform has developed other online tools for web-based surveying, data collection, membership management, and e-mailings. Read more about TexTalk here.

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