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Founded in 2015, Quickbutik is another fast-growing Swedish eCommerce platform operating in the Nordics used by +5000 store owners. Customers praises Quickbutik’s platform for being easy to operate and for offering excellent customer support.

Quickbutik mainly has its clients in the Nordic region. Some of these include The White Plot, Bawego and Guapo. The platform offers a broad set of payment methods and is adapted for both B2B and B2C sales. Read more about Quickbutik here.


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Scalable integration with Prime Penguin

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Eqvital reduced manual labor and increased customer satisfaction with Prime Penguin

As Eqvital started to become more active in their digital channels and put more effort into their e-commerce business, the company encountered the intricate maze of logistics and supply chain management. They needed to find a way to connect their e-commerce platform Quickbutik with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to reduce manual labor and improve their fulfillment process.

After some struggle and intense searching for a reasonable solution, Eqvital found what they needed in Prime Penguin. They chose Prime Penguin to connect their e-commerce platform with their WMS and optimize their logistics and supply chain management.

Read more here.

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