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24nettbutik is a norwegian eCommerce company that not only deliver a modern online store platform but also provide their customers with valuable advice on shipping, payment, advertising, social media, and all other essential elements for succeeding with an online store. With over 1,300 stores and many years of experience, they consider themselves entrepreneurs, continuously expanding the 24Nettbutikk concept every single day.

By integrating your 24nettbutikk store through Prime Penguin, you can connect to any WMS, ERP and marketplace and gather all your data in one powerful logistics platform. Add, deduct or switch integrations as your company grows, and gain full control over your whole logistics flow.

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Founded in 2005, 24nettbutikk is a Norwegian eCommerce platform that provides features including templates, shipping and accounting integrations, marketing, Google Analytics, and social media.

In addition, 24nettbutikk offers a free e-book where eCommerce can find information and guidance regarding what should be taken into consideration when starting an eCommerce. Read more about 24nettbutikk here.

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