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A hugely popular eCommerce platform is WooCommerce, which powers 3.4 million online stores. Since WooCommerce is developed through WordPress, the most famous website builder on the market, the WooCommerce platform also provides numerous free features. With WooCommerce, eCommerce can establish and launch an eye-appealing online store, quickly and easily, with mobile-friendly templates.

Prime Penguin has a ready integration to WooCommerce that is used by many of our customers. With only a few clicks, you can connect your WooCommerce store to your WMS system, ERP system, and marketplace. All data is gathered in one platform for full control over your orders, inventory and reporting. Click, connect, grow!

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Integrate Ongoing WMS to any sales channel with Prime Penguin

When you start using WooCommerce, it includes SEO features and eCommerce advertising channels (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook, and TikTok). It’s flexible and easy to manage with a simplified user flow, reducing abandoned checkouts and increasing conversion rates.

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Used by 200+ global brands

Beauty Disrupted – delivers on sustainability through efficient logistics

The environmentally conscious beauty brand Beauty Disrupted opted for Prime Penguin to streamline order routing and improve the shipping experience for its customers across Europe. As a strongly sustainability-oriented brand, a key part of Beauty Disrupted’s growth journey has been to ensure supply chain and logistics efficiency.

To this end, the company turned to Prime Penguin to connect its WooCommerce platform with three different 3PL providers for optimal order routing throughout Europe. Read more here.

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