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Since its inception, CDON has been a pioneer in Swedish eCommerce, evolving into the Nordic’s premier marketplace with 21 product categories and over 90 million annual visits. Whether you’re launching your eCommerce venture or expanding an established business, CDON’s unbeatable concept offers endless possibilities.

With Prime Penguin’s direct integration, adding CDON (and other marketplaces) to your tech stack is quick and easy. Expand your reach, manage logistics effortlessly, and enhance your omnichannel commerce strategy!

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CDON is a Swedish e-marketplace, founded back in 1999. They offer features that provide support in marketing, copywriting and translation, and sustainable return management. CDON’s services also include consulting, where their skilled partners give advice on how to advance your eCommerce business.

Since CDON has a broad customer segment; anything from books, toys, electronics, cosmetics, furniture, and much more can be found on CDON’s website. Read more about CDON here.

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