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Logiwa is more than a high-capacity WMS – it’s a complete Fulfillment Management System (FMS) and the new gold standard of high-volume fulfillment management—designed to revolutionize the world of DTC, B2B, and 3PL operations. Logiwa helps you achieve high-volume fulfillment excellence with the flexibility to adapt and competitive features essential for meeting modern demands.

With Prime Penguin, you can easily integrate Logiwa to any number of sales channels, ERP systems, WMS systems and marketplaces. All data is gathered in one platform for full control over your orders, inventory and reporting. Click, connect, grow!

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Integrate Logiwa to any sales channel, ERP, WMS and marketplace with Prime Penguin

With hundreds of customers across North America, Europe and Asia, Logiwa partners with fulfillment networks, online retailers, 3PLs and inventory-based businesses. They leverage their decades of experience building, managing and scaling warehouses and fulfillment centers, using their purpose-built modern cloud DTC fulfillment system to deliver maximum impact for your business.

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