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Webflow offers a unique approach to website creation. Unlike traditional platforms, it empowers users to design and build dynamic websites visually, without coding. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a complete beginner, Webflow offers intuitive tools and flexibility to bring your vision to life, be it a simple landing page or a full-fledged eCommerce store.

Prime Penguin has a ready integration to Webflow that is used by many. With only a few clicks, you can connect your Webflow store to your WMS system, ERP system, and marketplace. All data is gathered in one platform for full control over your orders, inventory and reporting. Click, connect, grow!

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Integrate Webflow to any WMS, ERP and marketplace with Prime Penguin

Webflow’s platform is aimed at a wide range of users, including small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and large brands. Founded in 2013, Webflow is a useful tool for presenting content and creating a website.

With Webflow it’s possible to completely customize the visual appearance of the checkout page and allows you to sell either digital or physical products. The platform provides a great deal of learning material for usage in terms of courses, videos, articles, and a user form via its “Webflow University” resource. It contains SEO tools and all sites are neatly displayed through all types of devices. Read more about Webflow here.

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