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with Brink Commerce

Created in 2017, Brink Commerce is an open-source commerce API that provides over 150 API endpoints to choose from when operating your eCommerce.

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The APIs include Management APIs, where you can manage your eCommerce by customizing functions and features. Shopper APIs can be used for designing checkouts as you prefer. Post Purchase APIs refer to managing orders by for instance updating, canceling, or refunding them via the Management APIs.


  • Provides a broad range of APIs.
  • Supports 90+ languages and 20+ currencies. 

Scalable integration with Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin’s integration platform helps your business to integrate with Shopify within minutes through plug-and-play.

Your eCommerce business deserves to be supported by the best possible services.

What is best for your business today will most definitely change over time, as your eCommerce evolves. That is why you should always go for best-in-breed.

Compose your tech stack by finding partners that fulfill your needs at any given time and make sure to stay flexible so that you can add, deduct or change integrated partners, effortlessly.

How PetGood scale with Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin is an integration platform that bridges eCommerce businesses and a vast range of logistic services. Integrating your eCommerce tools into your warehouse with Prime Penguin will enhance your efficiency and overview of your order fulfillment. You will be able to track sales data in one place and benchmark your logistics providers.

Other benefits include updating product information through the provided eCommerce integration tools.

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and hello to optimal efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced costs!


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