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Chargebee is a subscription management system, which supports handling aspects of the subscription life cycle. In other words, it simplifies managing recurring billing and payments.

Chargebee’s software serves customers in over 48 countries and their offered features include a multicurrency payment system that allows customers to pay in their local currency. Further, Chargebee provides a secure and smooth checkout process that helps to boost conversion rates. The platform supports over 25 payment gateways as well as popular payment methods such as PayPal and Amazon Payments. Read more about Chargebee here.

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Unlock Seamless eCommerce Logistics with Prime Penguin

The success of your eCommerce business hinges on efficient logistics management. Prime Penguin understands this critical aspect and provides a comprehensive logistics module to streamline your operations. By integrating Prime Penguin into your tech stack, you gain the power to curate a tailored network of partners that meet your evolving needs. With their user-friendly platform and exceptional support, Prime Penguin empowers you to optimize your eCommerce logistics effortlessly.

Experience seamless operations and propel your business forward with Prime Penguin.

Estrid – Improving operational efficiency at lower cost.

As a rapidly growing brand, Estrid understood early on that a scalable logistics management solution would be necessary for their expansion plans. Along the way, the company faced issues with its subscription platform Chargebee lacking SKU and barcode support, which made communication with the third-party logistics partner Mainfreight very difficult.

Having to both build and maintain the integration between their online store and their warehouse management system (WMS) turned out to be incredibly time-consuming and unnecessarily costly.

Prime Penguin helped Estrid resolve its SKU and barcode difficulties by adding custom fields for these properties in Chargebee. As a result, the Prime Penguin module was able to match product IDs with the correct SKUs in Mainfreight’s inventory, enabling the 3PL provider to keep correct track of inventory for picking and packing.

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