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The Swedish eCommerce software provider Centra is specialized on the fashion and lifestyle industry. Centra provides eCommerce businesses the opportunity to sell directly to their consumers and retailers through different channels, countries, and marketplaces.

Centra has worked with several fashion and lifestyle brands, some of which include Björn Borg, Craft, and Ideal of Sweden. The eCommerce platform is specialized in D2C and offers a headless, composable setup with integrations to various tools. You’ll get access to a quick A/B testing for different designs. Read more about Centra here.

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Revolutionize Your eCommerce Logistics with Prime Penguin

Your eCommerce business deserves excellence at every step, and logistics is no exception. That’s where Prime Penguin comes in. With their cutting-edge logistics module, you can optimize your operations and take your business to new heights. Prime Penguin offers the flexibility you need to create your ideal tech stack, empowering you to find partners that fulfill your specific requirements.

Stay ahead of the game with Prime Penguin as your trusted logistics solution, and witness the transformative impact on your eCommerce success.

How Glas scale with Prime Penguin and Centra

To ensure efficient and environmentally friendly shipping Prime Penguin helped GLAS find and connect an additional warehouse located in Holland. By routing orders through a strategically located warehouse hub like this, GLAS will significantly lower the total emissions from transport and cut delivery time from 4-5 days to 1-2. Finding a fulfillment partner and setting up new warehouse connections is easy and cost-efficient with Prime Penguin.

We at Prime Penguin exist to make sure our customers feel reassured that their e-commerce logistics are running effortlessly in all stages. Allowing them to focus on creating the best experience for their customers. We hope to be with GLAS for the foreseeable future and the exciting times ahead.

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