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Centra is on of the leading omnichannel commerce software for fashion brands with a powerful platform that lets you manage the core aspects of your business: direct‑to‑consumer, wholesale, orders, inventory, payments, and more. It is built for global brands, and supports any number of markets, languages, locales, currencies, price lists, warehouses and users.

Prime Penguin is Centras integration partner, which means that our plug & play solution is available for any company on Centra. Connect your Centra account to any number of 3PLs, marketplaces, WMS or ERP-systems, and gather all data in one streamlined platform!

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The Swedish eCommerce software provider Centra is specialized on the fashion and lifestyle industry. Centra provides eCommerce businesses the opportunity to sell directly to their consumers and retailers through different channels, countries, and marketplaces.

Centra has worked with several fashion and lifestyle brands, some of which include Björn Borg, Craft, and Ideal of Sweden. The eCommerce platform is specialized in D2C and offers a headless, composable setup with integrations to various tools. You’ll get access to a quick A/B testing for different designs. Read more about Centra here.

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