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Shopify Plus was launched in 2014 targeting Shopify’s enterprise clients. With its additional features, it is designed to support eCommerce to produce even higher revenue and sales. Some of these features include accelerated and customizable checkouts.

Prime Penguins direct integration to Shopify Plus is a match made in heaven. For enterprise companies using multiple 3PLs globally, they can seamlessly gather all data in one platform, regardless of each individual WMS or ERP system used by their partners. Prime Penguin also supports data from multiple sales channels, so that entrepreneurs can have full control of their businesses and logistics flow in one user-friendly interface.

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Shopify Plus hosts some of the largest brands in the world including Heinz, Good American, Staples, and much more. The eCommerce platform includes all the standard Shopify features, as well as some additional features that meet the requirements of larger companies better. Read more about Shopify Plus here.

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