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Mëtta Foods

Saving time and costs with enhanced automation

The rapidly growing smart food brand Mëtta turned to Prime Penguin for help resolving a time-consuming platform communication issue. 

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Mëtta has been tremendously successful in the smart food industry by offering its own unique concept. Tasty, nourishing and sustainably sourced food shakes are sold via a subscription model or as single purchases using the WooCommerce platform in combination with Klarna Checkout for payments and shipping alternatives.

However, the company’s existing warehouse management system integration was unable to include shipping information in the order file forwarded to the 3PL, which resulted in complex manual work.

Although it would have been possible to build a proprietary solution to the problem, Mëtta would have been looking at a rather complicated and costly development process.


By introducing Prime Penguin as an interface between Mëtta’s WooCommerce platform and the 3PL, the issue could be entirely resolved, as Prime Penguin automatically includes all relevant information in the order file by default.

“We chose Prime for their seamless integration with top third-party logistics providers. We struggled with independent actors and subpar IT integration. Prime quickly found us a fully integrated partner in just two days, saving us from a tough situation. Our original plan was to use Prime when expanding to new markets, and being able to control multiple actors in one portal. I would recommend companies of all sizes not to make the same mistake as we did, and instead use Prime Penguin directly.”

– Wilhelm Prstojevic, Co-founder of Mettë Foods

Furthermore, Mëtta Foods decided to use Aftership to track their orders to the end-customers. By using Prime Penguins integration to Aftership, all the orders that are handled by their 3PL are now being forwarded to Aftership with their order and tracking details.


Mëtta no longer needs to go through the time-consuming process of manually adding information to each order. Opting for Prime Penguin also proved to be a far more cost-effective approach compared to hiring a third-party developer to rework the WMS integration. 

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