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How Eqvital reduced manual labor and increased customer satisfaction with Prime Penguin

Prime penguin effortlessly connected Eqvitals eCommerce platform to their WMS, which resulted in reduced manual labor and a streamlined fulfillment process.

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Anna Lidén, the founder of Eqvital, identified a lack of healthy alternatives for horse food on the Swedish market that did not exclusively rely on grains and cereals. Several studies had demonstrated the risk of health-related issues as a direct result of feeding horses easily soluble carbohydrates found in many grains. Eqvital was born as a response to this challenge, with the aim of providing nutrient-packed and fiber-fueled horse feed to the world. 

As Eqvital started to become more active in their digital channels and put more effort into their e-commerce business, the company encountered the intricate maze of logistics and supply chain management. They needed to find a way to connect their e-commerce platform with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to reduce manual labor and improve their fulfillment process.


After some struggle and intense searching for a reasonable solution, Eqvital found what they needed in Prime Penguin. They chose Prime Penguin to connect their e-commerce platform with their WMS and optimize their logistics and supply chain management. Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform offers full digital control of all outsourced logistics, pre-connected to a range of carefully chosen 3PL partners and major E-commerce platforms. 


“Right from the get-go, we started receiving the help we’d been looking for. And not only that, but as the years have passed, Prime Penguin has continuously delivered solutions to any problem we’ve encountered along the way. We have truly appreciated the ability to influence our orders in the platform before they’ve been transported to the warehouse. Having that view into our supply chain paired with the ability to add additional text to the waybills or stop an order completely has been amazing.” – Amelie Henningsson, Business Developer at Eqvital


With the help of Prime Penguin, Eqvital has been able to reduce manual labor and streamline its fulfillment process, increasing efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The company has appreciated the ability to have a view into its supply chain and add flexibility to their orders.

Eqvital has steadily been increasing its sales, introducing additional products to its inventory and expanding its reach in the market. We at Prime Penguin are proud to have played a key role in Eqvitals success.

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