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How do I cancel an order?

Cancelling and order can be problematic, depending on your logistics provider and the status of the order. Some logistics providers does not support cancelling orders via integrations. Please talk to us or your logistics provider to make sure this is supported.


Normally orders are possible to both edit and cancel before a warehouse starts picking the order. Since Prime Penguin syncs data between all integrated systems in batches, there is always a small lag, and a chance that something that looks like it is possible to cancel in reality has been picked.

What does cancellation even mean?

It might sound obvious, but with several different systems integrated, that all works slightly differently, it isn’t always easy to figure out what “cancelled” actually means. For example, on order cancelled in the sales channel before Prime Penguin even had time to read it cannot be treated the same way as an order which is already forwarded to a warehouse and the cancelled in the sales channel before it got picked.

Here’s what cancellation means in Prime Penguin:

If the order was forwarded to a warehouse Prime Penguin will attempt to cancel at the warehouse. But since the sales channels may have automation around payments and refunds for cancelled order Prime Penguin will not update the sales channel on cancellation.


If possible always cancel the order via Prime Penguin, this will make sure the cancellation is forwarded to the logistics provider directly – if possible. When done, always cancel the order in the sales channel as well.

  1. Locate the order in My Warehouse -> Orders and then select “Cancel” in the “Manage” menu.
  2. If successful, also cancel the order in the sales channel.

You can cancel the order in the directly in the sales channel, just be aware that it will take longer before the cancellation reaches the logistics provider. And that you probably will not get any feedback in the sales channel UI if the cancellation worked or not.

Avoid cancelling the order in the logistics providers system. Only use this as a last resort, and please reach out to us if you do.

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