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The dropship logistics provider

When you first sign-up a “dropship” logistics provider is created for you. This provider acts as a black hole, or a do-nothing provider that you can route orders to. An order assigned to the dropship provider can later be assigned to a real warehouse, or be used for testing purposes.

The default logistics provider

The dropship provider always exist even if you don’t have any sales channels connected or any other data in the system. This is useful, because if you connect a sales channel, there will be somewhere to route your orders before you connect a “real” logistics provider.


Using the dropship provider for testing

An order assigned to the dropship provider will not be processed further by Prime Penguin. But if you want to you can change status on it and set tracking details, in which case Prime Penguin will update the sales channel. This is useful to make sure changes to orders propagates to the sales channel as expected.

  1. Go to My Warehouse -> Orders and find the order you want to change
  2. Click on “Manage” and then “Manage Dropship Order”
    1. Change the status to “Fulfilled” or “Cancelled”
    2. Optionally set the tracking details
  3. Click “Save”

Remapping orders

You can change order assignments on the Integrations -> Order Mapping  page.

  • Find the order using the filter boxes
  • Select the logistics provider in the drop down and click the small “save icon” that appear to the right of the drop down

Note that changing the provider from a real warehouse to the dropship provider is equivalent to cancelling the order at the warehouse. This is because the order may already have been forwarded to the logistics providers WMS, and re-assigning it to another provider will need to cancel the order at the original warehouse.

Delayed fulfillment

If you want to inspect orders before they are forwarded to a warehouse, or if you just want to delay orders, you can use product mapping – set up on the Integrations -> Product Mapping page – to automatically map orders to a dropship warehouse. When you want to order to go to the warehouse all you have to do is to remap it (see above).

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