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ShipBob is a fully supported logistics partner in Prime Penguin and have warehouses located all across the globe, but with a special foothold in the USA.


You connect ShipBob in Connections -> Warehouse Connection:

  1. Click “Add new” in the top right corner.
  2. Select ShipBob in the logistics provider dropdown.
  3. Make sure “Production” is selected for the environment.
  4. Click “Connect”

You will now be redirected to ShipBob who will ask you to authenticate if you’re not already logged in, and to accept the permissions Prime Penguin needs to manage the connection.

When you are back in the Prime Penguin UI you should click “Manage” on the ShipBob connection to activate it and select all features you want enabled. Then go to Integration -> Product Mapping to decide which products should be mapped to ShipBob.


Product Data

ShipBob currently have limited support for automatic product data synchronization. Your products will be synced, but you need to log in to ShipBob to manually set HS codes, dimensions and weight and packaging requirements.

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