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Adding a connection to an Ongoing warehouse is simple in Prime Penguin. Just go to Connections / Warehouse Connection in Prime Penguin and click on “Add New” in the top right corner.

Before you do that though, your 3PL will need to setup what’s called an “API user” for you, and that’s the details you will need to connect. When that happens you will get an email from Ongoing with the following:

  • Warehouse URIĀ  (the “SOAP URI” from the email)
  • Warehouse User Name
  • Warehouse Password
  • Goods Owner ID
  • Goods Owner Code

When you have entered the above in Prime Penguin, click on “Validate Connection” to make sure everything checks out, then you are ready to save the connection, and you will be done!

For more details on the check boxes available in Prime Penguin when you set up the connection, please refer to this article: Connect your first 3PL

Note: Please use the details from the Ongoing email – this is not the URI or user details you normally log into Ongoing with, but separate values used only for the API. Contact your 3PL if you have lost the email.

For warehouse owners

You will need to add the API user before your customer can connect. You can find the details under Administration / API for goods owners in the Ongoing UI.

Common errors

“Unknown User”

Please make sure you are using the API user credentials and not your personal username and password. Also double check the warehouse URI that you got in the email from Ongoing.

“Method Not Allowed”

Double check the warehouse URI that you got in the email from Ongoing, this error is usually due to a bad address.

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