x2 new 3PL partners in Norway

3PL Norway

We are happy to announce that we now have strengthened our presence in Scandinavia, where we now also can offer high-end logistics for your e-commerce locally in Norway, together with two new Norwegian 3PL-partners.

There is a high demand for a local logistics solution at the Norwegian market, which not is a part of the European Union. This brought us to add Norway as a warehouse location in Prime Penguin, both for our existing bot of course also for our future e-commerce users.

Do you want to discuss Norway with one of our product experts? Please let us know and we will arrange a meeting together with you.

/Team Prime Penguin


Prepared for Black Friday?


Black Friday is expected to bring its all-time high sales peak this year. How prepared are you?

It will get crazy and definitely boost your sales – fantastic, right? But there are also risks involved.

The most obvious risk with the Black Friday and such “phenomena” is the compression of sales to a few single dates. Most of your infrastructure will handle this very well and not least your digital infrastructure, including your sites and e-commerce platform.

The bottleneck will though probably be the physical order handling at your warehouses. It’s nothing strange about it and it really makes sense. Logistics are operational, demands staffing and warehousing resources, which are hard to suddenly scale on, without slacking on quality.

Prepare for Black Friday

There is a key to success though and it involves planning. Prime Penguin have the capacity of helping your business during stressful times and sales peaks such as Black Friday. Our pre-connected partner network of logistics provider are experts in handling your orders and are ready to help both in a short as well as long term perspective.

Our smart plug and play solution makes it easier than ever for your e-commerce to outsource your warehousing and order handling, aslo with environmental gains in less co2, if done right.

Please contact us for any questions regarding your Black Friday. Our logistics and supply chain expert Johan, is very happy to discuss Black Friday operations with you today.

Email Johan for instant contact: johan@primepenguin.com


GLAS choose Prime Penguin

We are happy to announce that GLAS choose Prime Penguin for all their e-commerce logistics. GLAS is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand of handmade reading glasses made of environmentally friendly materials.

Glasses have traditionally been unnecessarily expansive, because of many intermediaries. To ensure high quality and at the same time keep prices down, GLAS directly work with their factories and sell all their products without any intermediary. Stylish and high-quality glasses therefore no longer have to mean a high price.

At GLAS you will find everything from stylish models, with quality metal arches, to elegant and slightly more characteristic glasses with arches made of durable plastic. The bows are produced without chemicals or harmful additives and the material is biodegradable and thus fully recyclable. This makes our arches durable for you, your wallet and the environment.

Which pair will be your favorite?


Four new e-shops signed this week

This week, four new e-shops signed with their new logistics provider through Prime Penguin.

They all have in common that they are in the segment of consumer goods products and have their unique niche of products ranging from fashion eyewear to kids toys.

But why did they choose to outsource all their logistics digitally through Prime Penguin?

Here are some reasons:

– It is not only convenient to procure and find suitable 3PL-partners trough Prime Penguin. It is also much more easy to integrate. The integration only takes a few minutes and includes a full integration also to all logistics partners of Prime Penguin.

– It makes e-commerce logistics globally scalable

– The award-winning interface is included at no extra cost and gives an outstanding overview of all logistics activities.

– Penguins are furry, cute and trustable 🐧

Happy weekend,

/ Team Prime Penguin


New integration – Squarespace

We are happy to inform all you Squarespace e-shops out there, that you now can access and use Prime Penguin for all your e-commerce logistics.

Prime Penguin is now integrated with Squarespace and your integration should therefore not take any longer than only a few minutes.

You will then be ready to experience our award-winning platform and find and get started with the best 3PL-partners for your e-shop.

How good news isn’t that? 🕺

Squarespace integration in Prime Penguin

Easily find logistics for your eshop

Looking for the best third-party logistics for your eshop? It has never been easier. All you need is a couple of minutes and Prime Penguin will find you the best ones.

Try it out now: primepenguin.com/procurement

The unique network of Prime Penguin consists of more than 100.000 m² in warehousing and fulfillment area worldwide and are based on carefully selected, modern and high performing 3PL-companies with an outstanding track record. All of course with Prime Penguins smart cloud-based platform included.

This smart and digital procurement process will suggest you suitable 3PL:s and give you the opportunity to get instant price quotes from them.


New integration

Woho! Prime Penguin is now fully integrated with one of the most modern e-commerce platforms in Sweden right now – Centra. The company collaborates with several well-known brands such as iDeal of Sweden, Nudie Jeans, Douchebags, BetterBodies and Henri Lloyd.

About Centra

Centra is the all-in-one B2B (wholesale) and D2C e-commerce platform for ambitious fashion and lifestyle brands. Centra’s headless technology offers a complete design, loads of integrations and is suited for brands that are looking to serve the world from one powerful platform.

Plug and play

Today Prime Penguin is fully integrated with Centra. Thereby, every Centra shop can outsource their whole logistics in an easy way through Prime Penguin, all plug-and-play.

In just a few clicks you connect your Centra shop to Prime Penguin’s platform. Then you are technically integrated with all Prime Penguin’s logistics partners and can start outsourcing your logistics to the desired market and still have full control over all warehouse activities in Prime Penguins interface.



More: https://www.centra.com
Integration support: hello@primepenguin.com

/Team Prime Penguin

Are you our next Penguin?

Prime Penguin is an award-winning and Stockholm based tech venture backed by tech, e-commerce, and logistic backgrounded investors.

We are changing the world of e-commerce logistics – the very heart of modern e-commerce.

Our cloud-based platform enables logistic outsourcing like never before and brings full, digital overview and logistic control for e-shops around the globe.

Who are you? 🐧


Prime Penguin expands to another continent

What is the best way of describing the big land “down under” in a picture? Is it with a jumping kangaroo on a journey far out in the outback (off course carrying her kid)? Or is it the Sydney opera house, a cool Bondi surfer, or maybe a furry koala bear?

Well, this is not an easy choice. This is why we played it safe this time.

However, we are happy to announce that Prime Penguin now has integrated and established a partnership together with one of Australia’s dominating 3PL-providers, now being a part of Prime Penguins growing network.

The interest for the Australian market from European and American e-shops is big but there has been an obvious obstacle – the huge distance.

Prime Penguin helps you to overcome this problem, by making it easier than ever to establish a scalable satellite warehouse, at the local market together with our pre-integrated 3PL-partner.

Interested in full-service logistics and <48h deliveries of all your orders within Australia?

It has never been easier! 🐧🇦🇺

Prime Penguin wins E-Commerce Germany Awards 2019 🏆

Prime Penguin just won the first prize within the category “Best Logistics Solution” at E-Commerce Germany Awards 2019.

The gala ceremony was held in Berlin on the 19th of February with key representatives invited from all companies which had made it to this last round in the contest.

Ten companies made it to the final within the category and Prime Penguin was selected as the winner by the jury, consisting of 18 e-commerce experts from industry leaders including Zalando, Kayak och Nestlé.

Prime Penguin also received most votes in the public voting.

The purpose of the E-Commerce Germany Awards is to “identify the most promising companies and innovations which are effectively providing solutions to real-life problems faced by e-merchants, retailers and brands”.

Video from the announcement at the ceremony.