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Prime Penguin to get SEK 15 million from Stockholm-based WiT Ventures.

Prime Penguin, a Stockholm, Sweden-based startup operating a B2B logistics procurement marketplace for e-commerce companies, raised SEK 15 million ($1.7M).

The money was raised from the Stockholm-based investors from WiT Ventures.

Prime Penguin, founded in 2016 by CEO Joakim von Oldenskiöld, operates a cloud-based platform used for outsourcing e-commerce logistics. The company handles procurement for e-retailers through a global network of selected and integrated third-party logistics companies, providing access and control of the entire logistics chain in the company’s digital interface. The platform is connected to over 30 of the most used e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, which enables easy and fast integration for the stores, according to the company.

This article was originally published on Sept. 9, 2021, on You can read the original article here 

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