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Find 3PL Providers in Southern Sweden with Prime Penguin

Are you introducing your e-commerce business to the Scandinavian market? Or perhaps you’re a Swedish e-shop on the hunt for reliable 3PL providers who can take over the management of your fulfillment flow while you focus on growing your business? Either way, we’ve got some great news for you: As a result of our continuous expansion, the Prime Penguin 3PL network now spans the entirety of southern Sweden. From northern Stockholm, through Gothenburg in the west, and all the way down to the bustling city port of Malmö,  our third-party logistics providers are primed and ready to handle a wide range of inventory and offer several international delivery alternatives.

If you’re still hesitant as to why you should outsource your logistics to a 3PL provider in Southern Sweden,  let’s have a look together at all the reasons why Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) is the obvious choice for outsourced logistics management in terms of:

  • Growth potential within the e-commerce industry,
  • Geographical location, and
  • Technological advancement.


Swedish E-Commerce: A Thriving and Rapidly Growing Sensation

Recent studies published by Ecommerce Europe show that “of the 9 million people in Sweden, over 70% of them (8.1 million) regularly shop online, each spending on average €1,668 per year” on retail goods. Even more recently, Swedish delivery service Postnord showed that as many as 9 in 10 Nordic consumers engaged in some form of e-commerce shopping. With these numbers in mind, it is safe to say that the Swedish (and Nordic) e-commerce market is bustling with life and ready to take on new challenges. More specifically, it seems that Nordic consumers are becoming more and more interested in “purchas[ing] from other countries,” with “80 to 90% of consumers […] engag[ing] in ‘cross-border’ e-commerce.

Still, with a thriving market comes customers with high demands and expectations. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary before you venture into Nordic e-commerce to ensure that your logistics are streamlined and ready to meet the demands of Nordic buyers. And what better way to ensure that your supply chain is up to par than leaving its management in the hands of Swedish 3PL providers who already work closely with Swedish consumers and suppliers on a day-to-day basis.


Stay Close to Where it Happens: Choose a Satellite 3PL Provider in Sweden for Optimal  Speed and Sustainability

On that note: If your business is in the process of expanding abroad and Scandinavia is on your list of potential markets, there really is no reason to keep your supply chain close to home. Instead, outsource your logistics management through Prime Penguin’s network and stay in close proximity to your Swedish customers. Having a 3PL provider close to Swedish cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmö enables businesses to cater to the needs of not only Swedish customers, but indeed customers all over Europe. The advanced port- and air systems in southern Sweden give your e-shop a valuable connection to leading e-commerce markets in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the rest of the European mainland continent. But perhaps above all else, allocating your (entire or parts of your) logistics management to southern Sweden brings forth geographical proximity to your Scandinavian customers, which in turn will ensure speedy and much more sustainable deliveries.


Next Level 3PL Providers: Make Use of the Renowned Swedish Infrastructure

Besides its ideal location within the Nordic region of continental Europe, Sweden — the southern region in particular — sports some truly powerful infrastructure facilities, making it the ideal location from which your e-commerce logistics can be managed and supplied. The Swedish infrastructure includes, among other things, high-grade rail and road transport systems coupled with exclusive sea connections and an extensive network of productive seaports.

Below, we have gathered a comprehensive list of the infrastructure and communication facilities in southern Sweden:


Sweden currently operates 41 active airports among which approximately half are international airports. The busiest airport in Sweden is by far Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which maintains excellent domestic connections with the rest of Sweden while concurrently housing and supplying the main weight of international air traffic and, subsequently, freight load. Besides Arlanda, there are a number of smaller (yet just as technologically advanced) airports noteworthy for their contribution to effective domestic and international shipping of commercial wares. These include:


The railroad system in Sweden is the 22nd largest in the world, with 15006.25 km of track and a history dating as far back as 1855. Additionally, the Swedish railroad system is part of the International Union of Railways (UIC), ensuring that European standards of mobility, communication, and sustainable development are continuously being met. There are a number of high-speed trains and advanced railroad systems that take approximately 4–5 hours to travel from the city of Malmö (Scania) to the Swedish capital of Stockholm. In addition, there are international train services that allow you to seamlessly connect with destinations such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, and Hamburg.


An intricate network of high-speed motorways runs through Sweden and the islands of Denmark — crossing over the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen, through Malmö, and all the way to Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala. Because of this physical connection between Sweden and Denmark (which, despite its modest size, holds great commercial value for the rest of the Nordic region due to its mainland connection to continental Europe), road-based shipping from southern Sweden to continental Europe is a great and oftentimes sustainable option to airborne freight alternatives. The Swedish system of motorways is still being extended, but already there is great connectivity by road to various domestic and international destinations.


With a 3,218 km long coastline, Sweden (and the southern regions in particular) boasts a multitude of ports, waterways, and ferry services that work together to further strengthen the country’s connection to the rest of Europe.

  • Helsingborg Harbor
    The Helsingborg harbor provides round-the-clock ferry services to destinations such as Helsingør (Denmark), Oslo, and Copenhagen. Additionally, there are great ferry services to the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and Estonia.
  • Copenhagen Malmö Port
    One of Scandinavia’s largest port operators with an infrastructure customized for all types of vessels“, the Copenhagen Malmö port is the ultimate waterway connection between Sweden and Denmark.
  • Trelleborg Harbor
    Trelleborg is located in the southernmost part of Skåne, approximately 85 km from the German border. It has a harbor that provides ferry services to Rostock and Sassnitz, Hanko, Gdynia, Bremerhaven, and Southampton.
  • Ystad Ferry Port
    The ferry port in Ystad is located on the southernmost coast of Sweden, south-east of Malmö. The port offers ferry services to locations such as Swinoujscie in Poland.
  • Port of Falkenberg
    Positioned on the west coast of Sweden, the port of Falkenberg (within close proximity to the city of Gothenburg) has direct links to the E6/E20 highways – which cover the distance between Malmö and Oslo, Norway – and to the national road system.
  • Port of Gothenburg
    Situated on the west coast of Southern Sweden within the city limits of Gothenburg, the port of Gothenburg is the second-largest in all of Sweden and the country’s most trafficked in terms of cargo shipment.
  • Ports of Stockholm
    The Port of Stockholm handles most types of goods and provides full services for international and domestic shipping. The port of Stockholm is a full-service port situated right on the Baltic Sea, making it a vital connection to countries such as Finland, the Baltics, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.


Choose Prime Penguin for an End-to-End Fulfillment Solution

What becomes apparent from the above discussion, is that southern Sweden, due to its beneficial location and highly developed infrastructure, makes for an excellent choice for a 3PL location. The companies offering 3PL services in southern Sweden have multiple choices of efficient transport systems, ensuring quick and sustainable delivery routes to your customers. Furthermore, a (geographically) intimate and direct link to the bustling cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö will effectively provide your business with heightened consumption and service demands.

Establishing the advantages of choosing a 3PL provider in southern Sweden has proven to be easy enough.  Now comes the hard part: finding the right 3PL providers for your unique business needs and consequently setting up a functioning supply chain in southern Sweden. Luckily, Prime Penguin offers complete outsourcing services by connecting you to a 3PL provider in southern Sweden that equips you with efficient logistics management. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy integration between your e-commerce shop and our digital interface, the Prime Penguin Platform. We are pre-integrated with 30+ e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce and are constantly working towards maintaining the highest integration standards on the market.
  • We have comprehensive expertise in the field of logistics management, ensuring timely and efficient 3PL services through our global logistics network.
  • We offer a simple plug-and-play system that seamlessly connects our services to your e-shop and WMS system of choice.
  • We offer you a choice of select digitized satellite warehouses that are located in different parts of the world. You can choose multiple warehouses according to the location of your customers for hassle-free delivery and a sustainable approach to global shipping methods.
  • In the competitive e-commerce market, low downtimes are important in order for your business to remain successful in times of expansion. Prime Penguin, with its many connections to 3PL providers and e-commerce platforms alike, ensures minimal downtimes for its logistics activities.
  • We provide end-to-end and always scalable solutions for the management of your entire logistics.
  • We have built an advanced yet user-friendly perfect system for tracking your reports, orders, and more in our cloud-based interface — your digital warehouse, as we like to call it. Data is always provided in real-time for you to effectively manage your inventory in terms of demand, sustainability, and growth.
  • We use highly automated procedures for order fulfillment, which helps minimize human error and greatly reduces overall costs.

Are you looking to expand your e-commerce business and solidify your supply chain through external 3PL suppliers located in southern Sweden? Do you want to ensure that your e-shop is primed and scalable with the right market integrations? Skip the hassle of logistical negotiations and unnecessary investments, and let Prime Penguin help you locate and connect with trusted industry experts. Together, we will streamline your fulfillment process from start to finish and make sure that it meets all criteria for future growth and sustainability. Fill out our procurement form to request a price quote, book a free consultation with one of our logistics experts, or contact us with any questions you may have about our services.

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