Nordic 3PL Fulfillment Centers

Whether you are looking to expand in the Nordics – or already serve your primary customer base in the region – Prime Penguin can both enhance and simplify your logistics operations.

Our trusted 3PL partners across Scandinavia and Finland offer a full range of warehousing and fulfillment services for eCommerce businesses of any size, all the way from start-ups to large, established brands.

In addition, all our logistics partners listed are pre-integrated and ready to communicate with your current tech stack via Prime Penguin.

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Postpac is one of Sweden’s leading Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies. With over 40 years of experience and 200 million consumer orders delivered, Postpac has built a reputation as a reliable and efficient partner.

Expresspack is known for its high quality 3PL-services. The ability to convey their customer’s brand feeling to the end customer, is one of the many reasons why they stand out among other logistics companies.

Edström Logistics recently joined forces with Expresspack and has approximately 28,000 square meters of heated warehouse space spread on two locations in Malmö and Stockholm.

Brandfactory is an immensely skilled 3PL company based in Sweden that focuses on B2B flows. Providing packaging and distribution of a wide range of products and creation of campaigns, signs and printed materials.

Exacta is a personal logistics company focused on providing tailored 3PL-solutions for eCommerce. Exacta is a full service partner with focus on custom solutions that allow for seamless logistics operations.

At Karlholm Logistics, customer satisfaction is a top priority and they strive to offer the best logistics solutions. Their 3PL-services are flexible and can be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs.

Logpart specializes in custom-tailored logistics solutions for various industries. Focus set on high customer value, Logpart offers a flexible range of logistics services designed to meet the specific needs of each client. With roots in trade and distribution, Logpart has a strong understanding of the customer’s needs.

Förlängda Armen is a trusted logistics company with over 40 years of experience providing high-quality delivery services. Farmen offers a range of logistic solutions, from warehousing, delivery and distribution to terminal and temperature controlled transport.

Gimp is a family-owned business that is deeply committed to personal engagement and building long-term relationships with clients. Their warehouse facilities are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals.


Lettbutikk is a technology-driven 3PL-player, managing a 17000 sqm Autostore in Oslo as well as their location in Vejle, Denmark. With more than 50 employees in eCommerce fulfillment and tech.

360 Logistics is a leading 3PL provider in Norway, with a 5,000 sqm fulfillment center in Oslo and another fulfillment center on the way, 360 Logistics offers over 1 million shipments annually and has 25 dedicated employees.

Colliflow is a leading 3PL provider that manages businesses’ warehouses and logistics operations. Founded in 2013, Colliflow has grown to 29 employees, serving over 70 online retailers and businesses.


Lettbutikk is a technology-driven 3PL-player, managing a 17000 sqm Autostore in Oslo as well as their location in Vejle, Denmark. With more than 50 employees in eCommerce fulfillment and tech.

Blue Water Shipping offers more than just secure storage. BWS services streamlines the order picking, packaging, and labeling of goods, while their flexible warehouse solutions include indoor and outdoor storage facilities worldwide.


E6-Palvelut specializes in customizing logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of all clients, with a focus on providing timely and accurate delivery. Leveraging technology and innovation to optimize their services and improve the customer experience.

This Finnish 3PL partner is experienced in handling the logistics and supply chain of wholesalers and importers. 3PL knows that success in e-commerce requires high quality and effective logistics in addition to quality products and marketing.

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Our Nordic 3PL partners and their warehouse management systems are pre-integrated and ready to connect with your current platforms in Prime Penguin – effortlessly and without costly development processes.

By leveraging Prime Penguin, you not only get easy and flexible access to multiple Nordic fulfillment centers but also:

  • A powerful centralized interface for inventory and fulfillment alternatives for greatly improved operational efficiency.
  • Freedom to adapt to market conditions – Prime Penguin does not lock you down to individual fulfillment partners.
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