3PL Partners in the US, Canada, and Mexico

Prime Penguin’s curated network of third-party logistics partners is ready to help you grow or expand all over North America.

Our partners in the United States, Canada, and Mexico offer everything from warehousing to last-mile delivery services for eCommerce retailers across all industries. 

And by connecting your existing solutions to Prime Penguin’s logistics module, you will be able to handle all logistics operations in a single, user-friendly interface.

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Airyze offers a high-quality, personalized fulfillment experience with a modern and tech-driven approach. They support new and established brands to grow and succeed by providing flexible solutions in their own and operated warehouses.

PackDash is a leading logistics solution provider, founded by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the industry. From picking and packing to shipping, PackDash is committed to delivering the highest quality service, helping businesses save time and resources while growing their brand.

At their 3PL facilities in Denmark and the US, this company offers more than just secure storage. Their Pick & Pack service streamlines the order picking, packaging, and labeling of goods, while their flexible warehouse solutions include indoor and outdoor storage facilities worldwide.


CrossWorx is a logistics and fulfillment management partner based in Ontario, Canada,  providing 3PL-services to all industries seeking to serve both Canadian and US customers, as well as those shipping worldwide.


This logistics partner boasts over 5,000m2 of storage space for a variety of products, ensuring that your inventory is kept in optimal conditions for efficient pick & pack processes using the appropriate type of rack and BIN. This results in error-free orders that are delivered automatically.

Most cost effective way to expand globally

Our trusted 3PL partners in North America offer a full range of warehousing and delivery services across the entire continent. And as they are all pre-integrated with Prime Penguin’s advanced eCommerce module, the process of streamlining their operations with yours is practically effortless and highly cost-effective.

By using our ready-made integrations to connect your existing platforms to Prime Penguin, taking full control over your logistics processes has never been easier.

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Max Ericsson

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