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Why you should outsource your logistics to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a leading logistics hotspot in Europe and home to some of the world’s most efficient seaports. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the most beneficial assets of outsourcing your e-commercial logistics to warehouses in The Netherlands, and why the Prime Penguin Platform is your best option for getting started. 

It goes without saying that e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and Europe is no exception to the global trend. With a global pandemic having pushed most commercial businesses into a digital (and socially distanced) space, the need for efficient, adaptable, and sustainable logistics management is nothing less than vital to ensure long-term success. Translating your brand and commerce to the digital market is easy enough, but depending on your location, the choice of a third-party logistics provider (3PL) and warehouse management system (WMS) can be tricky if you don’t know where to start or even look. 

When it comes to e-commerce within Europe, the UK has long upheld an unwavering position as the go-to hub for commercial trade. However, in the wake of Brexit, many European – British included – businesses are looking for new warehouse options that are located within the EU. And, according to statistics presented by the NFIA, it seems that the Netherlands is rapidly becoming the next big player within Europe-based e-commercial logistics management, effectively reaping the rewards of the British boom in investment and jobs


The New Powerhouse of European Logistics

If your e-store – regardless of where in the world you are located – is looking for a stable foothold within the EU, the Netherlands may very well be your best bet. And if we take a look backward in history, it quickly becomes clear that the country is no mere newbie when it comes to international trade; the Netherlands carries an impressive history of prosperous commercial trade relations dating back as far as the 17th century and has remained one of the “dominant global maritime and economic power[s]” ever since. In 2018, statistics showed that Dutch foreign trade made up a whopping 161% of the country’s GDP, making them the “sixth-largest merchandise exporter in the world”. This number becomes even more impressive when compared to neighboring commercial epicenter Germany, where international trade reaches a measly 50%. 


With ultra-modern airports, world-class seaports in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and productive broadband connections, Dutch infrastructure is difficult to outdo in terms of technology and geographical location. Its desirable location in the heart of Europe with handy access to both land and sea makes for a perfect destination to invest in logistics management and warehousing. As The Guardian affirms, a logistics sector that “boasts the ability to reach customers in all corners of the EU […] within 24 hours” is tough to surpass, even for commercially lucrative and internationally adaptable nations such as the UK – especially in the wake of Brexit and all its repercussions, including higher shipping costs and additional VAT and/or tariffs. So, it is only natural that companies (from all corners of the world) who are aiming to establish themselves in Europe look towards the Netherlands when outsourcing their logistics. 


Set Up Logistics In the Netherlands With Prime Penguin

How does Prime Penguin fit into the ordeal of selecting, procuring, and implementing a productive and cost-efficient 3PL solution in the Netherlands? The answer is simple: Prime Penguin provides e-commerce businesses with a cost-efficient and scalable solution to connect their e-stores with warehouses and marketplaces worldwide. We help you procure, outsource, and control all your logistical proceedings in a digital and cloud-based interface that is user-friendly yet advanced. By leveraging a network of pre-integrated logistics partners and market-leading integration technology, with headliners such as Shopify and WooCommerce as part of our grapevine, the Prime Penguin Platform makes sure that your commercial data is flowing between the sales channels and the warehouse management system (WMS). 


As of today, Prime Penguin collaborates with two 3PL partners located in the Netherlands, through which we have helped several Scandinavian e-stores to successfully establish functioning logistics in continental Europe. We believe that the Netherlands is the ultimate option for a scalable and profitable logistics solution for European commercial trade, and look forward to introducing many more businesses to the Dutch market in the future.


Are you looking to expand your e-commerce business with external 3PL suppliers? Do you want to ensure that your e-store is primed and scalable with the right market integrations? Skip the hassle of logistical negotiations and unnecessary investments, and let Prime Penguin help you locate and connect with trusted experts in the industry. Together, we’ll work hard to streamline your fulfillment process from start to finish. Read more about our unique logistics solution or schedule a consultation with one of our logistics experts. 

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