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Your outsourced e-commerce logistics will be powered by our award-winning technology

Penguin Powered Technology.

Global. Integrated. Scalable.

Order routing

made easy

Prime Penguin is ideal for order routing with multiple sales channels and warehouses. All orders will be gathered in Prime Penguin and instantly routed to an optimal warehouse, according to your needs.

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Inventory and stock updates

Get full control of your entire inventory and never get out of stock. Prime Penguin will inform and remind you before getting low in quantity.

Plug and play

Outsource your logistics and connect all your systems and sales channels within minutes without IT competence. Prime Penguin is pre-integrated with most e-commerce platforms, selected marketplaces and experienced in building customized connections to your needs.

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One connection to all warehouses

Prime Penguin will route all your client orders to an optimal warehouse, based on your preferences and built-in machine learning.

Integrated with your favourite tools

Through a plug and play connection, Prime Penguin gives you quick access and total digital control over your e-commerce logistics. Bring your tools and services with you, Prime Penguin is built for integration.

Already have a logistics partner?

It is possible to use Prime Penguin together with your existing 3PL or internal warehouse. Please contact us and we will put you together with one of our integrations experts for further information.

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