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Prime Penguin automizes Vogue Scandinavia’s logistics

Prime Penguin signs a partnership with Vogue Scandinavia to digitalize and automate the magazine’s logistics and order management in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Through its platform, the Stockholm-based SaaS company Prime Penguin connects e-shops with third-party logistics companies worldwide. The platform provides an overview of the entire logistics flow and can, through algorithms, calculate an optimized flow that saves both time, money, and environmental impact.

“We are proud and happy to be involved and contribute technically to Vogue Scandinavia’s climate-smart investment.” – Stina Reutercrona, VD Prime Penguin

Vogue Scandinavia is the 28th edition of the international fashion magazine and is the first to be sold online. The aim is to reduce environmental impact by avoiding transports to stores and returns of editions that are not sold.

Find out how Prime Penguin can help your business digitalize your logistics by contacting us today.

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