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Default order types

Orders in Prime Penguin are either B2B or DTC orders. This is determined via the sales channel integration settings, and may be important for WMS connections or reports.

Sales channel order types

When a sales channel is connected, all orders will automatically be typed with the “default” type for the sales channel. For example, Shopify orders will be types as DTC whereas orders placed in Turis will be typed in B2B.

Update the default type

If you want to change the order type associated with a sales channel you can do so on the additional settings you can find via the sales channel dashboard.

Mixed order types

You can mix DTC and B2B order in a single sales channel by using advanced order type expressions. When enabled, orders will still be typed according to the default, unless one or more of your supplied filter expressions is true.

You can enable the advanced order type expressions from the additional settings via the sales channel dashboard by clicking “edit” below the drop down for the default order type.

On the edit page you can add or remove expressions, and as you do, each expression will be tested against a “test order” supplied on the same page. You can also search for an existing order to use as a test order to make sure you get the expressions correct.

Example order type expressions

Unless an order contains a specific SKU


Unless an order is for a specific email

contactEmail = ""

Unless the order is tagged in sales channel

string_match(tags, "*mytag*")

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