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Testing order routing

To test your order routing you can create “test orders” that you can use to verify that you configuration sends orders to the logistics providers you expect.

Note: You cannot add order expressions to your order routing before first creating a test order.

Create test order

A “test order” is a special type of order that will never actually be sent to a warehouse. You can create test orders either by:

  • Click “Create test order” at the test page at My Warehouse -> Orders -> Routing -> Test orders
  • Select “Copy as test order” from the “Manage” drop down in the standard order view at My Warhouse -> Orders -> Overview

You can select which logistics provider is expected to receive an order and test if that is the case.

Creating filters for order routing

When you add a filter for a logistics provider in a region for your order routing you must first create a test order. You can then select the test order and click “validate”, and you will get one of three possible responses:

  • The filter expression syntax is wrong
  • The filter would block the order from the warehouse
  • The filter would let the order through to the warehouse

If the syntax is correct you can then go ahead and save the filter.

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