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Inventory tags

Inventory tagging lets you organize inventory in groups. You can assign tags to any inventory item and then later use them for searching and grouping of items.

What are they?

A “tag” is just a simple word and can be anything you like and can be used either to describe the item, or to categorize the item. For example, you may choose to tag a group of items with “summerSale2023” in order to group all items in an upcoming campaign, or you may choose to tag an item or a group of items with “longLeadTime” to indicate that you have a long lead time on that particular item.

There are filter fields for tags on the My Warehouse -> Inventory page and also in most reports.


At the moment, tags are only used for searching and reporting. Additionally, tags cannot contain spaces or commas.

Manage tags

Go to My Warehouse -> Inventory and find the inventory you want to add or remove tags on. Use the check boxes to the left in the table to select those articles you want to work on. There will be two buttons enabled at the top of the tables, one to clear all tags for the selected items and one to manage tags.

When you’re editing the tags for one or more inventory items, use SPACE or ENTER to save, you can also use BACKSPACE to delete tags.

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