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Understanding order statuses

In Prime Penguin order statuses are normalized from their sales channel or WMS counterpart and Prime Penguin operate in batches the status can be different between the sales channel and WMS.

Normalized Statuses

Prime Penguin connects to multiple sales channels and WMS’s and the order status displayed in the Prime Penguin UI is normalized – it uses the same values regardless of integration.

  • InProgress
  • Pending
  • Fulfilled
  • Cancelled
  • Refunded
  • OnHold

To see the “original” status as it appears in the sales channel or WMS, simply hoover with your mouse over the order status a popup will say “Original status: X” where X is the status that has been normalized in Prime Penguin.

A happy flow

To understand the most common status progression it is important to remember that everything Prime Penguin does happens in batches and therefore that the order status might differ between warehouse and shop.

In the below list the sale channel status is to the left, and warehouse to the right

  1. Order is placed in sales channel, but not yet ingested by Prime Penguin
  2. Prime Penguin ingests the order, but it is not yet forwarded to warehouse: Pending | <empty>
  3. Prime Penguin forwards the order to the warehouse: Pending | InProgress
  4. The warehouse fulfills the order, but the fulfillment details are not yet ingested by Prime Penguin
  5. Prime Penguin ingests the fulfillment details: Pending | Fulfilled
  6. Prime Penguin forwards the fulfillment details to the sales channel: Fulfilled | Fulfilled

The status history

To the right in the order table you will find a column called “Order Status Logs”. Clicking on it will open another table with one line per status change telling you when the status change and the “old” and “new” status at that point, both for the sales channel and WMS.

Common questions

  • Does Prime Penguin ever change the status of an order automatically? No, status changes are only trigger by sales channels, warehouses or if the order is cancelled. We can however change order statuses manually and we’re happy to help you if needed.
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